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Cost-Effective SEO for Small Businesses

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It’s no secret that every business needs to consider SEO and online marketing. But as a business owner, we also need to balance the realities of cash flow and operations. For many years, the tension between what is needed and what can be afforded has lead small businesses to avoid investing in their online growth. I started Strider with the goal of helping small business flourish. I love the passion you have for your work, the love for your customers, the absolute thrill of doing what you love in order to help someone else. That’s why we’ve always held ourselves …

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Leveraging the Yelp Ads Platform

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Positive customer reviews can give your business a big boost, especially if the reviews are posted on a platform that attracts a huge number of visitors. When it comes to online ads and review platforms, Yelp is second to none. This massively popular online ad and review site provides an easy and convenient way for customers to post their reviews. For businesses, it provides a free suite of tools to showcase their business and connect to the Yelp community. In order to take full advantage of the Yelp platform, you have to know how to leverage its ads platform. The …

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Mobilegeddon Continues – Why Mobile Optimization is Even More Essential

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Mobilegeddon, as it came to be known, was a major Google SEO algorithm change that occurred in April 2015. Essentially, what it meant for SEO was preference was given to sites or content that was mobile-friendly. Initially, it applied only to searches on mobile devices and smartphones.

The announcement sent the world of SEO into a whirl. Although it did not affect normal searches on a PC, given the large and growing number of mobile searches, it was still a significant change. More than half of all Google searches are conducted on a mobile device, and this number is growing steadily.