Why User Experience Is So Important for Today’s Ecommerce Market

In Ecommerce by Strider Writing Team

User experience, or UX, is often referred to when addressing the potential success of any eCommerce site. If the user-focused perspective is not taken into account during the research and development phase of your business, you may entirely miss the opportunity to design your site right the first time. Simply stated, prioritizing users benefits your business.

Establishing Credibility Allows Users to Trust Your Company and Product

When users have positive experiences on your site and the purchase of your product or service meets their needs, they begin to see your company as credible and trustworthy. Building rapport with your customers takes time and demands consistency with each interaction and transaction.

If users feel that you aren’t professional or can’t navigate your site efficiently, they won’t entrust their money to you, let alone their private information during transactions. If the integrity of your product or service comes into question, the entire user experience will be negative and all credibility will be lost. Credibility can also be reinforced through mobile-friendly design and enhanced aesthetics, since companies that put more time and effort into their appearance are seen as more professional.

Positive UX Builds Customer Loyalty and Retention

Establishing credibility and trust go hand in hand with customer loyalty. If your end result is a higher customer retention rate, then the loyalty of your customers and their needs must be of the utmost importance.

Maintaining and building a relationship with your clients and anticipating their problems or feelings during the various stages of the purchasing cycle will cause your users to view your business as more human, allowing them to connect with you and increase the likelihood that they will be repeat customers.

Improved Usability Makes It Easier for Users to Access Your eCommerce

Usability is determined by how easy users find it to use your site. Every user intuitively expects information or opportunities to take action at the right time, meaning that they expect the site to respond to their needs before they even know they need it. This can happen in many ways throughout the purchasing experience, such as making it easy for users to start an account with you by just asking for their name and email.

The less effort required of the user, the easier it is to open doors to future interactions, increasing the potential for sales. UX design provides opportunities for users to make decisions or share information without putting forth much effort. When users find sharing this information cumbersome, they are less likely to perceive your site as one with high usability.

Remembering to focus on the importance of UX will keep you in touch with the users’ needs and feelings during either the design process or the reevaluation of your site. Taking the time to integrate UX early on will undoubtedly save you time and money, increasing your overall profits. Contact us at Strider Inc. today to let us create a customized plan to help you increase sales and build a strong reputation for both your business and your product.