SEO Marketing: The Key to Moving Up in the World of Ecommerce

In Ecommerce by Strider Writing Team

Now that your business is online and you’re ready to join the world of eCommerce, it’s time to apply SEO marketing to your growth strategy. Keep reading to learn how SEO can give you the competitive edge you need to convert more sales.

SEO Marketing: The Key to Moving Up in the World of Ecommerce

Lowers Costs for Paid Reach

Optimizing your website content with SEO best practices gives you the boost you need for better reach. Your website stands a much better chance of landing in those coveted top five spots on Google’s first search page, which is where most consumers look when searching for a product or service.

And while it’s never a bad idea to invest in paid ad campaigns, it never hurts when you’re getting free web traffic and ultimately more sales from it.

Drives Brand Awareness

Many online businesses fail because, while they put a lot of focus on sales, they forget that building their brand will also help to build loyal customers. With SEO optimization, your online business will show up more on the first search page and even in Google’s Answer Box.

This has a big impact on first-time buyers as a high ranking is often associated with endorsement.

Helps to Convert Browsers Into Sales

There’s something called a “marketing funnel”, which consists of awareness, interest, desire, and action. With SEO best practices, your online business can help drive this marketing funnel at a lower cost.

SEO also allows you to reveal a buyer’s intent based on their keyword searches, and when applied at the correct points, can increase the chances of a sale.

Improves Content

Having certain keywords on your website are important to catch those potential customers in need of your product. But what happens if they get to your website and find it hard to navigate with sporadic information? Chances are, you’ll lose them faster than the time it took for them to click on your website.

SEO best practices include an easy-to-read website with clear information that drives customers to the product they are looking for, promotions, and closing the sale.

Helps Expand Your Audience

The “awareness” stage of the marketing funnel is an important one and is a big reason why SEO is so important for successful businesses. After a customer has visited or purchased something from your site, cookies become active during remarketing campaigns.

This allows you to consistently market new products and services to people who have visited your site prompting them to revisit. With more traffic driven towards your website, the more chances you have of making a sale.

Increase User Experience Rating

Consumers who enjoy a more agreeable experience on a website are more likely to convert to a sale. With SEO best practices, you can optimize your website’s usability so when your website satisfies a shoppers need quickly, Google’s algorithm picks it up and this is reflected on your overall search ranking.

For example, if a potential customer searches for “affordable black men’s tuxedos”, SEO optimization would ensure your website emphasizes low-cost tuxedos, thereby driving them to your business.

Search engine optimization has the potential to take your online business to new levels of success. If you’re ready for a comprehensive approach to building your brand, contact Strider today!