PPC Marketing

With Pay Per Click marketing you only pay for the clicks you get. With a well-run campaign you get fantastic ROI and full control.

PPC Advertising Options

  • Search

    Your ads appear above and beside the results when people search on Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. Pay only when people click on your ad.

  • Display

    Google’s Display Network shows targeted text and image ads on millions of websites. Pay for clicks, or for ad impressions.

  • Remarketing

    Get a second chance with those lost customers! Remarketing shows your Display ads to precisely targeted viewers who have visited parts of your website.

  • Shopping Ads

    If you have products that you sell online Product Ads can place your listings right in front of customers who are actively looking for the items you sell.

Precise Targeting

No other type of marketing gives you the targeting power of PPC!

Targeting Highlights

  • Search Terms

    Target ads based on the specific words people use to search online.

  • Demographics

    Target ad placement based on demographic details to identify your ideal customers.

  • Technology

    Mobile users have different needs – so target some ads to mobile users, and have other language for desktop users.

  • Interests

    Let Google show your ads to people who have expressed interests that match your ad campaign.

Strider Helps

PPC is highly effective, but very complicated. Let us setup and optimize your campaign, while you run your business.

PPC Services

  • Experience

    Strider is a certified Google Partner Agency for AdWords. Use our experience to create the perfect campaign for you.

  • Setup

    AdWords has many advanced options that are required for creating a profitable campaign. Trust only an expert for your PPC campaign creation.

  • Optimization

    A key to a successful PPC campaign is ongoing optimization. Let our team handle the time-consuming work of reviewing campaign data and optimizing performance.

  • Ad Creation

    Finding a successful ad requires much testing and revision. Strider PPC experts will regularly review your campaign for opportunities to improve the performance of your ads.