Strider Featured At SAF 2015

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We’re just a few weeks away from one of the floral industry’s biggest events, the 131st annual convention of the Society of American Florists. Held at the Ritz Carlton on beautiful Amelia Island, Florida, the convention will assemble hundreds of floral leaders for three days packed with educational sessions presented by 48 experts. Two of those experts are industry leaders very familiar to Strider/Florist 2.0 fans:

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A Tale Of Two Tantrums

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About a week ago, the owner of a diner in Maine demonstrated some of the worst customer service conceivable. Perhaps you saw the story, which went viral on social media and many national newspapers, including The Washington Post. In summary: a family walks into a crowded diner on a Saturday morning. Their toddler daughter, stressed and hungry, wails (for a period somewhere between 5 minutes and 45 — the details vary based on who’s recounting events). The owner grows wary of it (and, allegedly, so do other customers) and decides enough is enough. She runs up to the table, points …

Leveraging the Power of Six Degrees of Separation

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Here is something you may not already know. The theory of six degrees of separation was proposed in 1929 by a Hungarian writer. It suggests that we are all connected to any one other person in the entire world by a chain of people we know, with at least five people in between the string. Let’s explore this possibility to see how you might know every celebrity, with at least five intermediaries.

Barrila Law, Vaughan ON Lawyer

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While I have a few blog posts in mind that have been stirring around for a while, I wanted to take a moment to congratulate my friend and BNI colleague, Gaetano Barrila, on the launch of his new law office in Vaughan, ON. It’s been a personal pleasure for me to help Gaetano get his site online for his official launch, today. Gaetano is a passionate and intelligent young man (yes, I’m still talking about the lawyer) who also has a degree from a little school you might have heard of called the Schulich School of Business. So, ya, he …

Strider in Florists’ Review

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I recently had the pleasure of authoring an article on email marketing for Florists’ Review magazine. You can read the article on the Florists’ Review site, or in print in their February ’09 issue. Discussion on the article continues on the Florist SEO blog.

Interview with Creative Fusion Media

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I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Nathan Ketsdever of the Creative Fusion Media blog. Nathan is running a series of interviews with Christian SEOs. Check out his blog and drop some feedback. I’ll be watching the comments 

New Blog Project – Florist SEO

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With so much of our work at Strider being tied to the floral industry (I’m a fifth-generation florist, I can’t help myself!) it only seemed natural to start a new blog to support our work in that area.

Online Business Interview Series: EmbroidMe-Woodbridge

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Company: EmbroidMe – Woodbridge Owner: Don Soars Product / Service: Promotional clothing and products In business since: Oct. 2006 What made you decide to start your own business? My partner and I wanted to have more control over our destiny. Is this your first time operating your own business? Yes   How would you describe the products you offer? Of  the highest quality. We always run a sample before a production run so there are NO SURPRISES! Customers like the “hands on” control  In your words, what makes your business unique? We’re part of the largest such organization in the …