How to Optimize a Website to Increase Conversions

In SEO, Small Business, Tips by Strider Writing Team

It is awesome when a website is getting traffic. However, if you are not converting that traffic, it has little to no value. During a consultation, we always ask clients about the main goal they have for their website. The answer should always be for visitors to take a specific action, such as requesting a quote, scheduling an appointment, or purchasing a product. While web traffic is important, a website can only be evaluated against a goal.

Make Your Goals Measurable

How well is your business achieving its goal? If your company does not have a goal for your business website, and there is nothing to measure, there is no way to improve. Some business owners will state their goal is for visitors to learn about their company, services, or products. Unfortunately, this is not a business goal. A goal is the action which occurs after reading the content, like subscribing to a newsletter, clicking on a “share this” link, or buying something.

So, if the goal of your website is little more than to get people to read something, you will need a new goal. With a well-defined objective, you can then use analytics to track your website’s effectiveness. Conversion optimization will require using various metrics to confirm progress.

In the meantime, here are several tips you can do now to improve conversion optimization.

1. Perform A/B Testing

This is sometimes also called split testing. Regardless, the technique will test two versions of the same web page to see which is most effective. This allows for more innovation and better outcomes. As a general rule, it is a good idea to always have at least one A/B test running on your website. No website or marketing strategy is ever perfect. You will need to continually work to improve.

2. Craft a Compelling Value Proposition

This is how you create a promise of value and set expectations for customers. What is the main reason a person should buy from you compared to your competitors? In 10 words or fewer, can you differentiate yourself from your rivals? Once defined, your home page and product pages should highlight this value proposition.

3. Develop a Sales Funnel

At no point in your online marketing should you expect that a potential customer knows what you want them to do next. Yet, many times, what kills conversations is asking for a sale too soon. A sales funnel depicts the consumer’s journey from awareness to purchase. People will initially perform research or “window shop” and are not ready to buy now. You need a strategy to keep their attention until they are willing to commit.

4. Do Not Use Complicated Jargon

Highly technical or professional language can be difficult for the typical consumer to understand, especially if the words have different meanings than used in common discussions. So, write for your typical customer or client, not for yourself, your colleagues, or your competitors. Coherent and intelligible messaging is something many companies struggle with.

5. Address Objections and Obstacles

Part of sales is addressing both the conscious and subconscious objections and obstacles to an offer. With in-person sales, a salesperson can quickly uncover and address any questions and concerns. But, online can be a bit challenging. Add information to your product pages and other content for all the possible objections and obstacles of potential customers.

6. Work to Build Trust

Once you address objections, there are still several reasons a person still will not buy. These reasons include no money, no need, no rush, and no trust. Three of these issues you will have no control over. However, you can build trust by adding certain elements to your website. These would include adding a physical address, posting photos of your offices, listing membership in chambers of commerce, providing links to credible third-party review websites, and more.

What haven’t we covered yet that is important to you? If you would like more information on how to optimize a website to increase conversions, or would like to discuss a related topic, please contact us.