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Small Business Success Story Worth Learning From – Nic & Luc Jam

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Running a small business can be an interesting experience but can also be particularly lonesome. When you really look at it, every small business is different from another in some way or another and that tends to make small businesses a bit of a lonely venture. Every entrepreneur that owns and runs a small business has a different experience and has to deal with their unique set of difficulties. That being said, running small businesses is also a fraternal experience in the sense that small business owners tend to stick together. A lot of small businesses tend to learn by looking at what others are doing, how they have done it and how they continue to do it. That’s why success stories for small businesses are very important.

Every small business comes with its unique set of difficulties and that’s why we’ve written about a small business success story that is worth learning from.

Leroy Bautista and the Economic Crisis

The recent economic crisis affected a lot of us. Many people tend to start working small and then work their way up to bigger and more accomplished companies. That’s not the case with Leroy Bautista – the owner and founder of Nic & Luc Jam.

Bautista’s small business success story is interesting. Leroy used to work in commercial kitchens and high-end restaurants back in his hay day. He invested 25 good years of his life in the service industry but for all that time he spent, the economic downturn saw him get laid off.

After putting in so much time and getting laid off, many people get disheartened and tend to go for the next best thing but that wasn’t the case with Leroy Bautista. He saw this as an opportunity to pursue something that the people around him had been encouraging him to do for a long time. That’s where his success story comes from.

Nic & Luc Jam

His co-workers and friends used to tell him that he should make vinaigrettes and sauces and sell them at the local markets. Hence Nic & Luc jam came into existence. Nic & Luc Jam initially sold just a few different flavors when it first started out but is has since expanded to 17 different flavors which are available for purchase online and in local markets. Nic & Luc Jam’s best selling point is the fact that it makes use of no artificial ingredients in its products and it only makes use of local produce. That’s why it’s a small business success story.

Other businesses both big and small throw around the word “local” in a bid to make their business look trendy. In the case of Nic & Luc Jam, it is one of the core values for the small business.

Bautista makes it a point to support other small businesses, like his, within the local community so that they can all work together to improve the local economy. Small businesses can either be lonely or they can be like a fraternity. While there might be times that you would feel that your business is too different, it doesn’t mean you cannot find a way to work together in a larger community of smaller businesses. There’s no real formula for a successful small business but you can always look at examples of successful small businesses like Leroy Bautista’s Nic & Luc Jam and piece together all of the things that make up a successful strategy for your own small business’ success story.