3 Online Marketing Tactics for Small Businesses That Have a Low Budget

3 Online Marketing Tactics for Small Businesses That Have a Low Budget

In Small Business by Strider Writing Team

One of the best things about all the advances in communications technology that we have made is the fact that small businesses now have the opportunity to flourish. All they need is a well thought out online marketing strategy and they can gear themselves for growth to tackle the giants in the industry.

The problem with most online marketing strategies out there is the fact that they are very expensive. Even a simple Facebook marketing campaign can cost up to thousands of dollars to be very effective. Small businesses with a low budget cannot make do with those kinds of costs on their marketing. That’s why I’ve put together these x strategies for online marketing that small businesses with low budgets can use without burning a hole in their pockets and achieving their marketing goals.

1.     Blogging

First and foremost, you should start blogging. There’s a reason why there are so many companies out there that are investing in content marketing. It actually works!

Gone are the days that small businesses couldn’t compete with the industry giants all because of low budgets. Content marketing has really leveled the playing field because even small businesses can have people running them that are passionate about distributing insightful knowledge and teaching everybody what they know.

Online marketing through content marketing builds a good repertoire for your business and helps your business grow with the added level of trust that your readers will place in you and your business. Start blogging. Immediately.

2.     Register Your Small Business with Google

If you haven’t registered your small business with Google yet, you should do that at your earliest convenience. Go to Google Businesses and just click on the “Start Now” button and follow all the instructions you get after that.

Once your small business is registered on Google, you will be a part of Google’s listings that will show your business among all the local results. You will increase your web presence significantly once you have your small business registered on Google and your low budget will not even see a dent placed in it by registering!

3.     Optimize Your Website for Mobile Devices

The whole world has become mobile now. We do on our smartphones and tablets now what proper desktop computers weren’t able to do just over a couple of decades ago. That’s where you will find a lot of your potential customers and convert them in to repeat customers.

How you’re going to do that is actually quite simple. All you have to do is optimize your business’ website for usage on mobile phones. With the increased accessibility of your website on mobile devices is going to significantly boost the traffic on your website and the number of leads you will be generating.


It is true that the more money you spend on your marketing, the better returns you will see. Having said that, it doesn’t mean that your online marketing campaign is where all your small business’ low budget has to go. With carefully planned strategies and working smarter, your business can easily compete in the world that used to be dominated by the big whales across industries.