5 Ways Poor Web Design Can Impact Your Ecommerce Sales Pipeline

In Ecommerce by Strider Writing Team

If you are experiencing a poor conversation rate on your ecommerce site, consider the underlying issue that perhaps your web design could use an update. The user experience directly affects your sales, which makes identifying any underlying issues all the more imperative.

5 Ways Poor Web Design Can Impact Your Ecommerce Sales Pipeline

1. Your Site Does Not Make a Good First Impression

A common reason for an overall low conversion rate is that people either do not like the first thing they see when they enter your site, or they have trouble finding the information they need. If you find that your page is getting traffic but little conversions, then the problem could be that your site is turning people off. In order for traffic to turn into sales, consumers need your page to be user-friendly and attractive.

2. Your Site Doesn’t Sell to Your Target Audience

If your site is not marketed to attract your target audience, then your business will experience a low conversion rate. Are you clear on who your customers are? Keep careful track of what your customers want by frequently analyzing your web analytics. By knowing how people use your site you can better understand their needs.

If you feel that your users don’t align with what you’re selling, or if your target audience are not the ones making purchases, then it’s likely that your site is not catering to the right market. Targeted customer experiences on your site result in a more loyal customer base than a one-size-fits-all approach.

3. Your Site Isn’t Mobile-Friendly

54% of all online sales made this year are expected to be done using a mobile device. People are using their smartphones more than ever before to make purchases and research products. If your site is not optimized for mobile users, then your business could possibly miss out on over half of potential sales.

4. Your Site Uses Poor-Quality Product Images

Low-quality product images on your site make users question the overall professionalism of your business. Consumers need to trust the product that they are buying, and a high-quality image can increase their likelihood of trusting that the product is high-quality, too. Tiny, grainy images will always lose out to large, clear, and interesting photos.

5. Your Site Is Distracting

Each page of your site should focus on the core of what you are offering. Consider removing anything that distracts from the overall goal on certain key pages, such as eliminating a navigation bar on cart pages to encourage a focus on completing the sale. Checking your web page’s analytics will help you understand where people are leaving the shopping process.

Now that we have helped you identify some of the sources that could be affecting your sales pipeline, let us help you improve your conversion rate. Contact us today at Strider for a free consultation. Whether you need to start from the ground up or are just looking for a refresh, our team can help optimize the online presence of your business.