How to Use Local SEO for Your Ecommerce Site

In Ecommerce by Strider Writing Team

For businesses with eCommerce at the center of their trading model, getting found on search engines, such as the ubiquitous Google, can be the single biggest thing that pushes sales to the next level. Luckily, there are a few basic steps you can take to make local SEO work for you and ensure continued sales growth for your site.

How to Use Local SEO for Your Ecommerce Site

Utilize Google My Business

Google is without a doubt one most influential search engines on the internet, and thousands of businesses rely on the platform to get found. Google My Business is the best way to get noticed not only on Google search results but also on other platforms in the Google ecosystem, such as Google Maps.

Once you have signed up for a profile on the platform, be sure to fill out all the details regarding your business, including what category best fits your business. While you’re doing this, add your business operating hours and of course a link to your website.

Build Local Backlinks

One of the most important factors in determining the ranking that a search engine will give to your site is backlinks. Backlinks are created when external sites link to one another and are sometimes called inbound links or incoming links. The more high-quality backlinks that a site has, the more likely it is that a search engine will rank it higher in its search results.

For local businesses, there are several ways to cultivate a good network of backlinks. Some of the best sources are local business groups, customer websites, blogs, and local news sites. Try and get your business featured on as many external sites as possible to draw in more customers.

Improve On-Page SEO

Another way to ensure that you can be found is to make sure that your site is relevant to your customer’s queries. The best way to do this is to use keywords, ideally placing them in the most important parts of your website, such as titles, page headings, and URLs. Search engines that index your site will throw it higher up the list if the searched keywords are used prominently.

Another way to give your pages a boost is to be certain that the content on your landing pages is structured efficiently. This will help search algorithms better understand what your site is about and drive more customers to you.

Cultivate Positive Reviews and Feedback

It may seem obvious, but another important point to be aware of is to ensure that your business receives a high number of positive reviews from customers in your local area, especially if you are using Google. Not only will this boost your search engine rankings, but you’ll also see a boost in click-through rate as customers are helped to make effective purchasing decisions.

With this guide, you’ll be well on your way to pushing your business to the top of the rankings. Still, need some help pushing your business through a sales plateau? Visit Strider today, and we’ll be happy to get your targets back on track with our friendly, personalized service.