5 Keys to Successful SEO Marketing for Ecommerce Sites

In Ecommerce by Strider Writing Team

The internet is a crowded place. In fact, there are around 200 million active websites out there today. With so much competition, you’re going to need every edge you can get when it comes to getting eyeballs on your site. This is especially true if you’re in the ecommerce space, where you’re competing in a crowded marketplace. To achieve the traffic you desire, you’re going to want a strong focus on SEO marketing. Here are some tips.

5 Keys to Successful SEO Marketing for Ecommerce Sites

1. Have a Keyword Plan

One of the first steps you need to take, and arguably the most important, is to develop an effective keyword strategy. Google’s job is to match up the best websites with a user’s search query, so it’s important for you to know what keywords the users are typing into the search engine. There are many tools available to help with this process, both paid and free; however, the free versions tend to be limited and usually have restrictions on use.

2. Do Not Use Duplicate Content

Duplicate content is a no-no when it comes to being successful on the search engines. Google and others will punish you if you are posting content that already appears elsewhere on the internet. You need to be really careful with this in online commerce since you are likely dealing with a lot of product descriptions that can be very similar.

3. Optimize Product Images

The world of online commerce relies heavily on visuals. After all, people want to see what they’re buying before they slap down their credit cards. You want your images to stand out and draw the visitor in. Make sure they are unique. There’s nothing worse than seeing the same tired image on multiple websites. For SEO purposes you’ll also want to add an ALT tag and description to your images utilizing researched keywords.  

4. Optimize Your URL

It’s something you might not think about, but optimizing your URL is extremely important for SEO. When you take the time to name your URL properly, the search engine bots will be able to tell what your site and pages are about, which will allow them to better match them with the correct users. It also helps users understand what your site is about, and done correctly, will be drive traffic.

5. Improve the User Experience

You want your user’s experience on your website to be smooth like butter. The internet is a sophisticated place now and people don’t have any time for clunky, cumbersome sites. You want them to be able to navigate through your pages with ease. This means having the proper links available to transport them from point A to point B. Not only is this great for the user experience, but it also keeps them on your site longer.

Building a website is half the battle, and the other half is applying solid SEO techniques to make sure you’re getting the most visibility possible. Contact Strider today to see how we can help you take your SEO and marketing to the next level.