How to Use Google Ads for Ecommerce

In Ecommerce by Strider Writing Team

In the past three years, competition in the ecommerce world has increased significantly. Despite this, many people are still earning five or six figures every month from this type of business. If you optimize your advertising strategy and create a highly effective AdWords campaign, you can achieve this, too. Let’s go over some strategies for using Google Ads that can help you to get started.

Using Google Ads for Your Ecommerce Business

Google ads are all around you, and you see them every time you search for something on the internet. Aside from the search ads that appear at the top of Google’s page, there are also shopping ads that target people who are already considering a certain product, video ads that appear before or during a YouTube video, and universal app ads that can promote your mobile app.

When used well, this type of advertisement can be highly effective, with conversion rates of up to 5%. But many businesses don’t take maximum advantage of the strategy, and they could significantly increase their earnings by working on their sales funnel and scaling their revenue.

Plan Your Strategy

You might be tempted to just jump in and get started, but planning your strategy is just as important as executing it. Before placing your order with Google, create an effective sales funnel that will take your potential buyers through the various stages of their purchasing journey. You need to have a great landing page and website in place, so anyone who clicks on your ad will be nurtured and sent relevant content until they’re ready to buy.

Set Up Your Campaign

Once you’ve set up an appealing funnel that will capture the attention of potential customers, you can start your campaign with Google Ads. You will choose your budget, audience, location, keywords, and more. Additionally, you need to create an attractive ad that will prompt people to click through to your landing page. Every part of this process needs to be optimized because you will lose revenue if your ad isn’t aligned with the rest of your strategy.

Re-Evaluate and Fine-Tune

After you’ve set up your ad, you’re not done. You need to track its progress and whether people are consistently interested in it and adjust your strategy if not. Over time, you will have many different advertisements, and you will learn which ones tend to work better than others.

If all of this sounds daunting, you’re not alone. Most online business owners fail because of a faulty advertising strategy that costs them thousands of dollars and doesn’t bring in much revenue. However, you don’t have to do everything on your own, as there are professionals with many years of experience who can help. By outsourcing your advertising strategy to an expert, you can focus on doing what you’re good at: creating an excellent product or service.

Google Ads are valuable for every online business, and you should optimize your strategy to achieve maximum results. While some people can do this effectively on their own, many entrepreneurs don’t have the tools or knowledge they need. Get in touch with us at Strider to book your initial discovery call and begin scaling your revenue.