PPC for Business

What PPC Can Do For Your Business

In PPC by Ryan Freeman

You don’t have to use Pay Per Click advertising (PPC) alongside your Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but PPC can deliver the instant results and important feedback that SEO can’t. There are many important elements necessary for effective SEO, but PPC will fast-track the process and give you instant results. If done correctly, it will give you an excellent return on investment.

By now, you understand the importance of digital marketing and getting good results on online searches. This is becoming increasingly important as more people choose to browse, shop, and check out companies online.

PPC allows you to reach highly targeted and relevant online audiences. When it is executed well, PPC delivers a strong return on investment. Unlike traditional advertising, it can be accurately measured. You will know exactly what you got for every dollar you spent.

Let’s look at some of the main things PPC will do for your business.

Target the right people

The aim of SEO is not only to rank high on the Search Engine Results Page, or SERP, but to also drive relevant and quality visitors to the site. PPC allows you to target the message with great accuracy. You can target on a range of factors, from geographic location to demographic factors, such as age and sex, and even according to interests and hobbies. Retargeting is even more accurate and lets you target advertisements at people who have previously looked at your product.  This targeting reduces wasted ad spend and improves ROI.

Control your budget

You have complete control over your budget and can make regular changes in an instant when required. This allows you excellent control and great flexibility over what you spend on PPC.

Measure results

One of the great things about PPC is the accurate and highly specific results you can get. You can see exactly who has looked at your site and what the end result was. This helps you improve your PPC campaign where necessary, as well as your website. If you are getting a high volume of quality traffic with few conversions points to problems with your user experience.

Get fast results

Organic SEO takes some time to build momentum. PPC will increase your online visibility and get you targeted traffic in a short space of time. Provided you have a reasonable budget and have chosen your keywords well, you should see a fairly instant increase in traffic. If the rest of your marketing mix is good, this traffic should convert into sales giving you returns in a short space of time. Organic growth is still extremely important, but it is more of a long-term strategy. PPC will help you get there and give short-term results.

Improve SEO

Because PPC will drive traffic to your site and help you fine-tune your keyword selection, it will complement your SEO efforts and help you achieve your goals in a shorter space of time.

Test the effectiveness of organic keywords

Because it is so highly measurable, PPC will show you what keywords deliver the best results. Not only does it show you, but it does this very quickly compared with organic keyword analysis. As you determine the better keywords on PPC, you can apply this to your organic SEO to improve results there.

Final thoughts

Although PPC requires some investment, it is an important element in your online marketing strategy. It will improve your SEO and keyword selection, get you quality traffic and deliver a decent ROI. You don’t have to spend a fortune and you have control over the budget. It is definitely something all business website owners need to consider.