Strider Inc. Is Born

In News by Ryan Freeman

It doesn’t seem like 14 years since I was first introduced to this thing called “the internet.” It really doesn’t. I was a high school kid working part-time for a computer shop that ran a dial-up bulletin board service. The guys running the bulletin board gave us email service through Pine, and that was how it started. Soon their business grew into the largest privately owned ISP in Canada, and I can say “I knew them when… “

What started with basic web design (please, don’t ask what those late-90’s web sites looked like – it’s not pretty) grew into a career in online marketing. After years of freelance work it was time to launch Strider Inc!

Strider is a small business – we understand our clients from personal experience. If you have a website that could be performing better, we’re ready to make it happen for you.