Sometimes You Just Need A Push

In News by Ryan Freeman

Being a bit of a perfectionist, I was hesitant to launch until we had things “just right.” Our logo had to be finalized, content drafted and refined, website layout and structure designed … there was much to do!

Two things happened to change all of that.

When my old friend asked Strider Inc. to prepare a website for his band’s new EP release, I couldn’t refuse. Aceface is set to celebrate the launch of their 3rd album this weekend, so the remake of had to come together quickly.

Secondly, Strider Inc. was awarded the Grand Prize in the annual Bruce Clay Inc. Charity SEO Contest. This was a big deal! So, what do you do when your SEO firm wins a major international contest – and you don’t even have a website launched yet? Well, you launch with a default Movable Type template and start pushing content as fast as you can, while drafting a press release, meeting with clients and getting some work done (did I mention the fun admin stuff that’s involved with incorporating a new business?).

So, our site is live – and I’m tired, but very happy. Our travel is booked for the next three months, I’m about a day behind on client calls, I think my family may have forgotten what I look like – but isn’t this the thrill of owning a small business?

I wouldn’t trade it for the world!