Instagram Marketing Strategies

Social Media Marketing Strategies with Instagram to Grow Your Small Business

In Social Media by Strider Writing Team

With over 700 million active monthly users and counting, Instagram happens to be one of the biggest social media platforms in the world right now.

Considering the fact that visuals plat a very strong role in marketing since it appeals to a lot of customers and boosts user engagement, it only makes sense that Instagram has the potential to serve as the perfect social media platform for your small business’ social media marketing needs!

Within the US alone, Instagram has well over 70 million active monthly users and the number is slated to cross the 100 million mark before the start of 2019. If you do not have a social media marketing approach for your small business on Instagram, you should start now.

Here are a few social media marketing strategies using Instagram which will help your small business along the way to become a successful enterprise.

Put Forth Relevant Content

You should be very clear on what your brand is all about. Your Instagram feed should reflect the core value of your brand and you should have a good mix of content in there that will engage your users.

If your small business sells handmade wallets then your followers wouldn’t want to see you “doing a successful boop on your doggo”. Yes, it’s cute but you can do all of that on your personal account. The Instagram account for your business should have content that’s relevant to your business.

Post Engaging Content

If you want users to engage with your small business on your Instagram account, your social media marketing should focus on providing your followers with content that’s not only relevant but something that will attract them. Your posts should offer both good aesthetics and value. If your small business is selling products like shoes, or camping equipment, your social media marketing strategy should be geared accordingly. Not only are the products shown properly but your posts should also portray how they’re being put to use. Show them how your products will become a part of their lives.

#Hashtag Game

Your social media marketing campaign should have a strong hashtag game. Hashtags are essential on Instagram if you want to increase your reach among the millions of users on the social media platform.

Every time you put up a post, you have to make it a point that you use the caption area properly. The caption should be relevant, properly describing what your viewers see and it should come with a strong call to action.

Next, the hashtags in your caption should be on point. Use a combination of hashtags that are relevant to your business and combine them with the more popular hashtags that are relevant to your brand or the content you’re putting forth for the followers.

In Conclusion

If you’re at your wit’s end and do not know how you can go about increasing your small business, Instagram is your social media marketing tool to use.

It’s the best platform to really put your brand in front of the world and boost your sales by increasing the user engagement. And it’s all for free! Just keep these points in mind and be mindful of the hashtag game and then see the results for yourself.