New Blog Project – Florist SEO

In News by Ryan Freeman

With so much of our work at Strider being tied to the floral industry (I’m a fifth-generation florist, I can’t help myself!) it only seemed natural to start a new blog to support our work in that area.

Rather than repeating SEO advice on FlowerChat over and over, and then making the members search all through the site to assemble the pieces, we decided to there needed to be a resource for florists to find SEO information relevant to the retail florist industry.

The Florist SEO blog will be an assembly of basic advice, local search, site reviews and small business marketing information designed to help florists eliminate the common mistakes that plague the industry, and enable them to compete in the online environment. We have a long list of topics, starting with a series on duplicate content issues.

If you are a florist – or just someone interested in small business internet marketing and SEO, come and visit us at the Florist SEO Blog!