Conversion Optimization: Do Micro-Conversions Really Matter?

In SEO by Strider Writing Team

When you look at your website, one of the most important factors to focus on is conversions. Or, put it into more common language, did your visitors become customers? Because if your storefront gets half a million people coming through the digital doors, that’s great, but if no one makes a purchase, there’s still no money in your account at the end of the day.

However, you can break down a conversion into even smaller pieces in order to understand the factors that lead to it happening. These baby steps are called micro-conversions, and they are something you should be paying very close attention to.

What Are Micro-Conversions?

If you took a full conversion (which is a person who comes to your site and makes a purchase) and broke that conversion into different, smaller steps, then each of those steps would be a micro-conversion. They are, essentially, the signs that someone is more likely to convert.

So what are some common micro-conversions? Well, according to Metrixa, some micro-conversions you should keep an eye on include:

  •  Following You in Some Way: Whether it’s giving you their email to join the newsletter, or following you on social media, this is a clear signal that they like what you’re offering and want to be able to find you again.
  •  Visiting Your Site Multiple Times: If someone comes back to your site several times, then you know they didn’t show up by accident. They’re clearly contemplating a purpose, or they’re window shopping at the very least. Either way, that’s a good sign for you.
  •  Putting an Item in Their Cart: Even if someone doesn’t check out right then, putting something in their cart is a clear sign that they intend to buy that thing. Or, at the very least, that they don’t want to lose track of it.
  •  Asking For More Information: This is a big signal that someone has been hooked. Whether it’s watching a company video, downloading a brochure, or sending an email to one of your company representatives, this is a big sign that they’re ready to become a customer.

There are many more examples of micro-conversions, but they all have one thing in common; people who participate in these behaviors are more likely to convert to customers and to make a purchase.

Demystifying Your Conversion Rate

Your conversion rate is one of the most important pieces of information on your site, but so few owners actually understand what goes into it. You might see it go up or down according to your analytics, but why is it going up or down? What factors are driving it, and what could you reinforce to try to get a better conversion rate from your visitors?

That’s where micro-conversions come in.

If you can lay out the steps to help convert more viewers, then you can take an active role in increasing your sales. For example, you might have a great video that does a full product reveal and gives visitors more information. Just getting them to watch that video, even if it’s only a minute of their time, gets them one step closer to making a purchase. Putting links to your social media front and center, and putting in a call to action to get people to follow you, can create a link you can draw them back through at a later time.

You can, in essence, try to get your visitors to take these baby steps so that they don’t have to make the decision to become a customer all at once. It’s something that happens at the end of a journey; all you did was convince them to take that first step.

For more information about micro-conversions, and how important they can be to your business, simply contact us today!