7 Ways a Website Redesign Can Revitalize Your Ecommerce Site

In Ecommerce by Strider Writing Team

All good ecommerce websites should be evolving and growing. However, over time, it is easy for an online store to fall behind improved performance standards, including best design practices, code quality, and savvy navigational practices for a better consumer experience, just to name a few. Here is a look at just some of the ways a website redesign can reinvigorate your operations.

7 Ways a Website Redesign Can Revitalize Your Ecommerce Site

1. Refresh to Impress

There is nothing that will impress your regular visitors than a modern and fresh-looking site the next time they visit. Investing in a design that looks fantastic will increase the goodwill you have with existing customers and new visitors will find your store more inviting.

Research has shown that site visitors unconsciously like or dislike a website within three seconds of viewing a page. Everyone appreciates something new and improved.

2. Better User Experience

Simple websites that are easy to navigate and select the buy button are the best. Redesigning your website with an emphasis on making it easy to navigate and easy for consumers to purchase will result in a website that makes more sales.

Experts will help you take a fresh look at your goals and your customer journey through your website, and make it easier for them to find what they want and hit that buy button.

3. Display Well on All Devices

Expert website designers know what is required for a better website in terms of technology and user experience. Responsive designs that adapt to individual devices while maintaining ease of use on any device allow more visitors using a broader array of browsers, operating systems, and device sizes to fully appreciate the shopping experience you provide.

4. Increase Functionality and Security

Website code and website technologies are changing all the time. An obvious example is the introduction of the WebP image format by Google. WebP images provide excellent resolution and are much smaller than jpg and png images.

The code varieties used to build websites are constantly advancing to deliver better functionality and greater security. A new site built on updatable, cutting-edge code provides a safer shopping experience for your customers.

5. Meet Google’s Biggest Demand

Most people expect a site to load within two seconds, but one-second page speed times are best. According to Google’s research, the number of visitors who leave a website increases by 32% as page load time goes from one second to three, and the percentage increases exponentially per second of download time.

It’s not surprising Google has made page speed one of the most important factors for a website to rank well in organic search results and turn a profit with paid advertising.

6. Stay Search Relevant

The terminology and search phrases used by search engine users change over time. Redesigning your website provides an excellent opportunity to realign your on-site SEO and focus keywords with current search terminology trends.

A fresh website design also allows the experts to update your website structure for better organic results based on current, commonly used terminology appropriate for your target market.

7. Change Platform Provider

In a highly competitive market, modern CMS platforms to create dynamic, highly functional, and secure websites provide services on technology exponentially better than only a few years ago.

Your current website might not be taking advantage of a CMS platform with the latest technology and extensive services readily available.

Investing in a well-thought-out redesign has many benefits, including reducing manual workloads, reducing operating costs, and increasing customer numbers and sales. If you are ready to get with the future, get in touch with the experts at Strider Inc now.