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SEO vs PPC: Understanding the Difference

In SEO by Ryan Freeman

It is understandable that business owners new to online marketing might be curious as to whether SEO or PPC is the better means to market their business website. Unless one happens to be an Internet marketing guru, SEO specialist, or part of a website development and marketing team, such terms might not seem to relate well to more traditional marketing concepts. Traditional marketing still has a place so far as articulating a business’s message to the consuming public but, these days, it tends to be more of the “added value” type. Regardless of the type of industry or field of …

What Went Wrong With My SEO?

In SEO by Ryan Freeman

When small businesses begin to recognize the incredible value of web marketing, the next major challenge is to find and agency to actually do the work.  And it is a challenge.  Several hundred web searches are performed every day for “ethical SEO.”  My guess would be that most of these are by people who have used or heard about others using “unethical SEO’s.” Since it is an unregulated industry, many companies dabble in search optimization without recognizing its depth and complexity.  It becomes an ethical issue when poorly executed SEO starts negatively affecting clients.  Here are some ways that can …

Small Business Marketing Unleashed Conference

In SEO by Strider Writing Team

Our month of travel is at an end. Ryan and I just flew in from Houston Texas Wednesday afternoon after attending the first Small Business Marketing Unleashed conference hosted by Search Engine Guide. The last few days have felt more like being on a retreat. It was fairly informal, the speakers were accessible and everyone was very friendly. The “speed networking” event at the charity dinner on Sunday night helped everyone to get acquainted and set the tone. The conference had small business owners in mind from beginning to end The speakers gave solid, actionable recommendations, bearing in mind that …