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Before we get into how we can help you… I want to start with a discussion about the word “ordinary.”

There are a great many things in business that you cannot control. One thing that you CAN control is that you have the ability to set yourself apart so you’re not a sheep in the herd.

You see, every business owner truly believes they aren’t an ordinary shop.

  • Feature List Item

    We provide excellent customer service!

  • Copy of Feature List Item

    We have been at this location for 50 years!

  • “We are family owned and operated.”

    We are family owned and operated.

  • Copy of Copy of Feature List Item

    We are committed to offering only the finest floral arrangements and gifts.

  • Copy of Copy of Feature List Item

    We have a nice website.

  • Copy of Copy of Copy of Feature List Item

    We send out emails to past clients.

  • Copy of Copy of Copy of Feature List Item

    We have beautiful displays in our window to bring customers in the door.

The list goes on.

I have some bad news. All of this makes you incredibly ordinary.

  • Everyone has a website…most of which are built in the same templated format as everyone else.

    “We provide excellent customer service!”

  • Everyone sends out emails…usually poorly crafted that do not drive business in the door.

    “We provide excellent customer service!”

  • Everyone puts nice displays in the front…of course forgetting that for every 1 person that sees your beautiful displays nearly 100 people will see your generic website.

    “We provide excellent customer service!”

The rest? Platitudes that everyone uses which is nothing but empty calories and wasted words.

Is it any wonder why the first thing we’re told by our clients is “I had someone put together a nice website, but I didn’t see any improvement in sales.”

We believe that florists fill a unique and special role in the community and that in the hands of the right person, floral arrangements have the ability to convey emotions and lift spirits! It’s an exceptional service that florists offer… but if you appear ordinary, you’re not getting that message across, are you?

If you’ve simply pushed a website out there… probably a template-style website that 90% of florists already use… and you’re not doing everything else that’s necessary to stand apart and be noticed, then I’m afraid you’re doomed to fall behind and lose business to the competition who figures all of this out first.

But let’s take a moment to talk about what is “necessary to stand apart and be noticed.” That can mean a lot of things to a lot of people, but coming from a team of web design, SEO and social marketing experts… here’s what it means… specifically as it relates to florists:

  • Mobile shopping accounts for nearly 40% of ecommerce purchases. Is your website responsive on the web AND all mobile platforms? Do you make it easy for a customer to make a purchase?

  • Organic Search Optimization is still the most effective way to attract new customers. How is your OSO?

  • Google AdWords puts your ad in front of people searching specifically for what you have to offer! How much business are you generating using this service?

  • How active and up-to-date are your Local Citations?

  • Do you have a Custom Website… not just a template website that looks like everyone else? If not, how will a customer be able to tell you apart from the other 10 florists using the same site?

    Do you have a Custom Website… not just a template website that looks like everyone else? If not, how will a customer be able to tell you apart from the other 10 florists using the same site?

  • * It’s your listing… why would you let your competition be highlighted?

    Do you have a Yelp Enhanced Profile with lots of information and pictures or just a free listing full of ads for your competitors?

  • You’ll be able to post more photos of your exceptionally beautiful floral arrangements!

    Does your Social Media marketing share the same messages as your website and your overall business?

  • * A picture tells a thousand words…so get your listing to speak VOLUMES!

    Are you soliciting for Online Reviews and are you quickly addressing negative reviews that appear online?

You might not have the technical background to understand terms such as Organic Search Optimization, Local Citations or even Yelp Enhanced Profiles. You don’t truly recognize the nuances between a website, social media, pay-per-click advertising, SEO and how it all interrelates. But that’s ok! Many do not… but teaming up with a partner can make you stand out from the crowd is what you need!

However, let’s say that you DO understand everything you need to do. Do you have the expertise and know-how to effectively analyze your client base and create a customized website that speaks to THEM… that speaks to what THEY want.

In fact, there are many clients of ours who have avoided this important component of their business because it’s confusing… and even frightening!

Even if you did understand the terms, the technology and what needs to be done to get your website top of mind… who has the time? You’re busy running a store, helping customers, fulfilling orders… do you really have the time to sit in front of your computer to build a web page that converts shoppers into CUSTOMERS? Do you have the funds to hire someone to be on your staff full time to work on nothing but these major components of your business?

I’m happy to say: you don’t have to! This is where Strider, as your partner in this endeavor and with the experience and know-how of YOUR INDUSTRY, can help! We are the extendable marketing team you need to get your business noticed!

That’s right – we know the floral industry. We specialize in your industry. If I said that we have a 5th Generation Florist leading of our team, would adding that knowledge and real-world experience to your team be of interest? I thought so!

At this time, I’m going to get a little deeper into HOW we can help and WHAT we do if you were to become the next satisfied client of Strider.

But instead of reading more, you might just want to get on a call with one of our experts and go through things together. So, I want to give you another opportunity to fast track that discussion.


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