Let me ask you a question…
When it comes to the web presence of your flower shop, how do you know that you’re standing apart from your competition? How is your brand viewed by the local community and is your location within search engines getting the first click when someone does a search?

What would you think if, in a very short period of time, your business presence on the web got the boost you’ve been wanting in order to reach your goals? Have you been searching for a partner that knows this business inside and out and will help you stand out?

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Let that sink in for a moment. How would your business prosper if you took a few simple steps to get things started in the next few days?

I’d like to welcome you to Strider… your future partner in web design, local citation development, review solicitation and Yelp expertise…everything you need to become the GO-TO floral shop in your area!

When you’re considering a partner to boost your marketing presence, what do you want to look for?

  • Someone with experience dealing with florists and the floral industry?
  • We’re owned by a 5th generation florist and floral consultant – and we’re fluent in flower shop operations!
  • Someone that’s a certified Google Partner Agency?
  • We are a certified Google Partner Agency which means we are experts… with knowledge that we’ll use to help you reach your goals!
  • A Yelp Certified Partner?
  • We are one of FEWER THAN 50 Yelp Partner agencies IN THE WORLD!

You will be hard pressed to find an agency that specializes in the floral universe that’s a Google Partner Agency AND a Yelp Certified Partner. There is only one!

This is, of course, in addition to our experience since 1994 with online marketing, internet marketing, web design and ecommerce.

You see, just having a website doesn’t do the trick! You need to have a website that’s “SEO friendly.” What does that mean? Well, there’s a lot to it, and if you’re not familiar with it…the short version is that you must have a website that will rank highly in searches for your product.

If it doesn’t accomplish that…then you’ve simply got a website that no one will see. If you’d like to learn a bit more, feel free to click here to get a crash course in SEO and how it is VITAL to your business!

You’ve landed on our page because you recognize a need within your business. Well, you’re in luck! As you continue, you are going to receive a great deal of free information from us on that solution, but… you have a decision to make.

We have a lot of great information to share but we want YOU to be in control! You see, we recognize that there are a few different types of business owners out there that will visit our site.

We like to parnter with florists who:

  • Recognize that they have an issue and they want to SOLVE it for the long term.
  • Will make decisions once they have the information they need will and TAKE ACTION.
  • Are responsive, great communicators, open minded and progressive thinkers.
  • Are looking for POSITIVE changes!

Then, there are those businesses who aren’t the best fit. These are people who:

  • Are impatient, stubborn and unwilling to change.
  • Expect miracles.
  • Don’t really appreciate the value of having professional help.
  • Aren’t really committed to improving their business.

Well – now is your chance to tell US what YOU want to do next!

Even better, whatever your choice is, we want to thank you for visiting us by sending you a free gift! That’s right, whether you feel this is right for you or not, we still want to help you by providing you with our brand new ebook on “10 Online Marketing Essentials for Florists.” Simply provide us with your name and an email address where we can send your free gift and it will be on the way immediately… whatever your choice is!

So it’s decision time…

Right now you might already be convinced that you need help and you’re looking for a way to fast-track things. You want to get connected with one of our Client Service experts right away. If that’s you, then I invite you to click on the button below to schedule your free, one-on-one consultation with our team! Your solutions are a click away, so we invite you to take action immediately and get the ball rolling!

Well – here we are! You’ve learned a great deal about marketing, advertising, web presence and the importance of doing things right. You’ve also learned quite a bit about Strider and how we can help. So now is the time for you to decide to take action or to keep plodding along with your current system and hope that it works out.

But before you do, I’d like to ask you a few questions:

  • If what you’ve been doing hasn’t been achieving the results you want, then why would you continue to do it?
  • How would your business improve if you could eliminate the website, SEO, reviews and other roadblocks that are in your way?
  • What would your life be like if you had a partner doing the work that must be done to achieve your goals?

I’ve heard enough and I want to schedule my appointment today AND I want to receive my free ebook!

However, maybe you’re not quite sure. You might want to learn a bit more about us and you want to do it at your own pace. If that’s you, then please click on the button below so we can continue to tell you about our company, our services, why you need them and the value that comes along with hiring a professional team to help you accomplish your goals!

We also understand that there are those that are 100% satisfied with their website, their web presence, their sales and their future. If that’s you, that’s fantastic! That means you’ve got everything running like a well-oiled machine and business is great! This also means that the information we’re ready to provide is not something that you really need, but we’d still like to send you our free gift… it’s just our gift to you and we hope you enjoy the information!