Email marketing

Probably the most neglected bit of awesomeness available to small businesses. Everyone knows it works…



Professional marketers rate it as the most profitable channel in terms of ROI.


LOTS of money, relative to cost.



of small businesses
don’t yet send an email newsletter.


Most businesses are stuck without the resources to create and send email marketing consistently.


Don’t have the time or personnel to spend on email marketing



Prefer Email Communication

Even those pesky Millennials!

Just sending email works - even if they don’t read it!


of subscribers who have visited a store or website

because they received - but didn’t even open - an email.


of subscribers who have made a purchase (!)

So what’s the solution?

The Easy Email Newsletter service from Strider combines the branding power of Social/Email Integration with the proven best practice of the 90/10 rule (90% informative, 10% advertising).


of companies are integrating email and social channels together (eConsultancy)

We sync your existing social branding and content with your email newsletter.

We Follow


content rule recommended by experts: 90% educational, 10% promotional.

Your content is authentic, in your voice, and highly relevant to your audience.

This provides consistency, while improving the efficacy of your social media posts.


of small businesses
don’t yet send an email newsletter.

Our customers’ newsletters get


more clicks than their peers’.

This approach really works!

And yes, the Easy Email newsletters are fully optimized for mobile email.

Let's Get Started

Our Easy Email Newsletter builder is available in two options.
Both include the followings features:

Weekly Newsletter prebuilt for you

Responsive, mobile-optimized template

Automatic branding via Facebook or Instagram

Custom font and color selection

Custom image upload and selection

Dead-simple inline content editing

One-click HTML export to anywhere

One-click delivery via Email Service Provider

(Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Sendgrid)

One-click publish to any Wordpress site or blog

Connect additional social accounts

Connect additional content sources via RSS

Bookmark content as you discover via Chrome, Firefox or iOS

Industry-based benchmarking of open and click rates



Full access to the platform

Review, edit, and send your weekly newsletter

Each week’s version is built for you, and can be edited before sending



Hands-off sending

Save your time and enjoy the benefits of regular email marketing

Strider team will manage, edit, and send your weekly newsletter

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