Yelp Series - Ads

Leveraging the Yelp Ads Platform

In Small Business by Ryan Freeman

Positive customer reviews can give your business a big boost, especially if the reviews are posted on a platform that attracts a huge number of visitors. When it comes to online ads and review platforms, Yelp is second to none. This massively popular online ad and review site provides an easy and convenient way for customers to post their reviews. For businesses, it provides a free suite of tools to showcase their business and connect to the Yelp community.

In order to take full advantage of the Yelp platform, you have to know how to leverage its ads platform. The first step in leveraging the Yelp ads platform is to claim your business page.

How to claim your free business page

To claim your business page, search for it at, which is Yelp’s website for business owners. You will be required to enter your business name and street address. From there, it is a few easy steps to claim your page. If you do not see any option to claim your page, then it may already have been claimed by someone else or it may have been recently submitted and is awaiting approval. If you need an additional business page, you can claim another page by going to the “Account Settings,” selecting “Additional Options,” and then clicking on “Add another location.”

Once you have claimed your business page, you will be able to add a link to your website, upload photos, update your business information, add categories and service offerings, respond to reviews, respond to appointments and quote requests, and create a Yelp Deal or Check-in Offer. These services are freely available.

Upgrade your business page

Yelp receives over 200 million visitors every month. To turn them into customers, you will need additional services that allow you to do things, such as add a call button, remove competitor ads from your page, customize your photo slideshow, and get access to Yelp customer support. You can get these services by purchasing an Enhanced Profile. These services enable you to connect with Yelp users and convert them into customers.

Sign up for Yelp Ads

If you really want to leverage your Yelp platform, then you should advertise your products on Yelp by signing up for Yelp Ads services. This enables you to set your own budget, start or stop an advertising campaign, customize the photos and texts in your ad, and get access to Yelp customer support.

Yelp Ads is a great way to reach out to potential customers. They put your business in front of Yelp users who are looking to make a purchase. It is estimated that 82 percent of Yelp users visit the site with the intention of buying a product, and 89 percent of those who buy do so within a week. Yelp ads appear on all platforms, including desktops, mobile websites, and mobile apps, and in a variety of places, including on competitor business pages and search results.

A recent study by BCG found that business owners who used Yelp Ads to advertise their products and services made twice as much money from Yelp than those who used only the free business page.

Yelp does not just allow you to advertise your products. It enables you to connect directly with your customers. You can use it to send alerts, event reminders, and special offers to your customers. If you haven’t started using Yelp Ads, sign up for free business page today and then sign up for Yelp Ads. You will see the difference within days.